Want to learn more about Linux?

Good Day my Linux Yogi’s,

I am dedicating this article to provide you with resources about Ubuntu and Linux. The internet can be very resourceful for providing all kinds of knowledge or experiences of others and with Linux is not much different. The only thing I learned to find out is that there is very rarely a good resource that will cover everything and very often there are vital steps missing.

With my project the Linux Meditation Blog I do my best to provide you with Articles and Illustrations that will be easy to follow as well as functional step by step. This should lead you to the same results as it is illustrated in my articles.


  • TecMint
    • TecMint is one of my favorites. It doesn’t focus on a single Distribution. They have a solid writes team that provides excellent material as well as offering Courses, Guides, news and e-Books.
  • Pro-Linux
    • Pro-Linux is a German Linux online Blog which provides tons of excellent articles, linux news, software news and a forum for discussions.
  • Unixmen
    • Unixmen is also one of my favorites and they provide their readers with tons of news, articles, howtos and reviews.
  • 2 Day Geek
    • This is an excellent source for practical guides. Their writers staff provides their readers with great and easy to follow articles.
  • Ask Ubuntu
    • Is a very nice site for individuals with questions and on this site you can ask those and you will receive your answer very quickly. As the name reveals it is a Ubuntu focused Site.
  • Linoxide
    • This is another well maintained blog with tons of great articles also handeling all Linux Distributions but has a section for Ubuntu Howtos.
  • Root Users
    • Root users is mainly for System Administrators for Linux and Windows. They have great articles for both and very good for your daily administration know how.
  • Linux Babe
    • This Blog is really great. The articles are well written and working every time. I did not ran into a situation where I needed to make adjustments.
  • TecAdmin
    • This is a great blog for all system administrators and software engineers. I have not seen new articles since August 2016 but still it’s a great resource.
  • The Geek Stuff
    • A great resource for all Linux and Opensource with good and plenty articles.
  • Howtoforge
    • Absolute great blog with a vast repository of how to articles. A must have for all Linux Administrators and enthusiasts.
  • OMG! Ubuntu
    • Last but not least this blog is also a must for all Ubuntu Administrators. Great repository of articles and howtos.


  • Linux Academy
    • This is an excellent resource for online learning for all linux related matters. The courses are well designed and easy to follow. I total recommendation from me. If you like to gain in depth knowledge this is where you should look first.
  • Full Circle Magazine
    • This is a great online magazine which is totally free. They have excellent articles talking about everything from desktop applications to games and server related stuff.
  • Lynda
    • Lynda is an hands up great online courses resource not only for Linux but also opensource and commercial applications. They also provide courses for programming, web design and much more.

hope that this could help you guys out and get you started to learn more about Ubuntu, Linux or what ever you desire. If you like me to add more make a suggestion in the comments or use my contact form.

Until next time my friends and Namaste!