Postfix: setting up a Send-Only SMTP Server

Hello Friends, in this article I am going over on how to set up a send-only SMTP Server with Postfix on Ubuntu Server 20.04. In most scenarios servers only need to be able to send out emails and not receive emails for example a server can be set up to email log files or triggered events on a server for example if someone logged in or when a system change occurred.

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Greenbone Security Assistant on Ubuntu Server

Greenbone Security Assistant used to be called OpenVAS. Greenbone Secuirty Assistant is a vulnerability scanner
Greenbone Security Assistant Logo

We are living in difficult times and the cyber attacks are on the rise with that said I think it is better to be pro-active rather than kicking back and waiting for disasters to happen. In this Article I will show you how easily you can install and run an Security and Vulnerability Scanner by utilizing Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS and Greenbone Security Assistant 11 for free. Greenbone Security Assistant was previously known as OpenVAS. I expect that you already have Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS installed and running if that is not the case read here.

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