Installing Bodhi Linux 4.5

Good day my dear Linux Yogi’s,

I am going to show you in this illustration how to install Bodhi Linux 4.5. Bodhi Linux is a slick and lightweight Linux distribution based upon the latest Ubuntu LTS version. Bodhi Linux use the Moksha Desktop environment. If you like to know more about Bodhi Linux you can read more about it here. If you need help you can use the Bodhi Wiki or Bodhi Forum to lock up information or ask questions.

Well lets get started. Power on your system with the installation media inserted. When it boots you should see the boot menu.

Simply hit the enter key to proceed to the Live Environment. You should see the boot screen for a few moments.

After a few moments you should see the following screen indicating that the Desktop is loading.

When you see the following screen the desktop is fully loaded and Bodhi greets you with the QuickStart Page. Go ahead and read through it and when you are done close it.

Here is your Bodhi Linux Live Desktop. In the bottom left corner the second icon from the left is the Bodhi Installer. Hover over it with you mouse pointer and you should see a little description. Click on the installer.

The installer greets you with the Welcome Screen and asks you to choose your preferred language. Click on Continue.

On the “Preparing to install Bodhi” Screen  check both option if you have internet connection and click on “Continue”.

Choose “Erase disk and install Bodhi” if you intend to install a single boot system and click on “Install Now”.

Choose your proper Timezone and click on “Continue”.

Choose your keyboard layout and “Continue”.

Enter your personal information here and “Continue”.

Now the installer is presenting you some additional information like the “Welcome Information”

or information regarding the AppCenter and much more.

After the installation is done the installer asks you if you like to “Continue Testing” or “Restart Now”. Click on “Restart Now” in order to boot into the newly installed system.

The system reboots and after booting up you will see a login screen. Log in with the information you provided earlier.

In the bottom left corner is the Menu Icon. Click on it and you will find everything you may need.

In the Bottom right corner there is the Power Off icon. Click on it and you see the power off menu.

Well that’s it folks. I hope this illustration guided you through a successful installation of Bodhi Linux and from here on it is on you to discover the rest. Use the hyperlink at the beginning of this illustration to find more information regarding Bodhi Linux or simple use Google to find what your are looking for.

Thank you for reading this illustration. If you like me to illustrate something you like to see please don’t hesitate to send me an email with my contact form or just leave a comment on my blog.

Until next time, Namaste my friends 😉