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Hello my dear Linux Yogi’s,

I don’t want to steel much of your time but I need your input in form of a three question survey. Improving my efforts to meet your needs is always a high priority for me. Please take 2 minutes of your time and fill out the very short survey.

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Want to learn more about Linux?

Linux Resources

Good Day my Linux Yogi’s,

I am dedicating this article to provide you with resources about Ubuntu and Linux. The internet can be very resourceful for providing all kinds of knowledge or experiences of others and with Linux is not much different. The only thing I learned to find out is that there is very rarely a good resource that will cover everything and very often there are vital steps missing. Continue reading “Want to learn more about Linux?”

Setup static IP for your Ubuntu Server

Static IP Address

Good day my Linux Yogi’s,

I usually would expect as an Administrator that when you install a Server OS that you would have a step during the installation process to choose weather or not to configure either DHCP or Static IP for your server. We can only hope that this option will be available in the future. Therefore today I am going to illustrate for you how to set up your Ubuntu Server with a static IP address.  Continue reading “Setup static IP for your Ubuntu Server”