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Blog ideas

Hello Friends,

in order to better serve you I would like to figure out what is it that you are interested in seeing here. What would you like me to write about? I have a few ideas for general areas to cover but it would be more suited for you if you provide further ideas.

On my list are the following areas:

  • LAMP Server Serup
  • LEMP Server Setup
  • SAMBA Server and Client setup
  • Configure Cron Jobs
  • ClamAV
  • Encrypting and decrypting files and folders
  • Ubuntu Auto updates
  • GIT
  • GitLab
  • Python 3.9 install
  • PIP

Please use the Contact Form on this Blog to submit your ideas. Please use Subject: “My Blog Idea”.

Thank you for your support.

Postfix: setting up a Send-Only SMTP Server

Hello Friends, in this article I am going over on how to set up a send-only SMTP Server with Postfix on Ubuntu Server 20.04. In most scenarios servers only need to be able to send out emails and not receive emails for example a server can be set up to email log files or triggered events on a server for example if someone logged in or when a system change occurred.

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