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Anonymous surfing with Privoxy and Tor


Good Day my dear Linux Yogi’s,

in today’s illustration I am going to show you how you can set up a Proxy-chain to surf more anonymous in the Internet. I said more anonymous because I don’t believe that there is a  100% solution to totally stay anonymous on the Internet. If you read this article and believe that we can add even more security and anonymity to this solution please feel free and comment on this blog post or use the contact form to suggest addition to this blog. Continue reading “Anonymous surfing with Privoxy and Tor”

How to configure multiple IP’s on one NIC

Hello and good day my dear Linux Yogi’s,

in today’s illustration I am going to show you how to add multiple IP addresses to a single Network Interface Card (NIC). This can become handy for example if you have to run multiple services of the same server and you like to assign each service a unique IP address. We don’t need to install anything additional everything we need should already be there. Let’s get started. Continue reading “How to configure multiple IP’s on one NIC”

How to setup and configure ssmtp

Good day my dear Linux Yogi’s,

this article illustrates how to setup and configure ssmtp the send-only smtp server by utilizing a gmail account. It should be fairly easy to adapt this to any other public email service. In order for that to work you have to loosen up your gmail security. Log in to your Gmail account. Click on your Account Picture in the top right hand corner and then select “My Account”. Under “Sign-in & Security” click on “Signing in to Google” then scroll down until you see the option “Allow less secure apps” and switch it on. That is it for the Gmail part. Continue reading “How to setup and configure ssmtp”